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Landscape Design and Installation Services

Quality Results from Standard Construction & Landscaping

At Standard Construction & Landscaping, we are proud to be the Triangle’s most experienced, efficient, and innovative provider of landscape design and installation services. Our landscaping team is made up of expert designers and tradesmen who find a special sense of joy in the creative, artistic expression which is inherent to landscaping design and installation.

Our Quality Landscaping Benefits You in Many Ways, Including:

  • Increasing the Value of Your Home
  • Adding Shade and Wind Protection
  • Enhancing Your Indoor and Outdoor Privacy
  • Expanding Your Enjoyment of Your Property
  • And Much More

Overhauling the look of your yard with help from us at Standard Construction & Landscaping is a fantastic, cost-effective way to maximize the beauty and utility of your property while enhancing your enjoyment of your home. We are capable of creating any design imaginable and bringing it to life with passion, efficiency, and courtesy, and our goal is always to make you the envy of your neighborhood.